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Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is simply having your home do the things you want, when you want them done, without having to think about them. Your shade screens track into place when the sun is at its strongest. Your thermostat switches to multiple temps depending on the time of the day. You arrive home from work and your lights turn on and your favorite music playlist starts playing when you walk in the door. Making your home intelligently work for you at the touch of a button is one of the things we do best.

Home Theater

Our theaters can be concealed and tailored to any style of interior décor. Our private home theaters take into account your listening and viewing environment, available light, and the shape, size and acoustic nature of the room. We also make sure you have the perfect atmosphere for your theater by providing designs for and installing seating, risers, stages, drapes, and lighting. You pick the theme — we bring it to life.

Video Anywhere

Your home has a lot of opportunity for discreet video viewing. Cable TV, satellite, Blu-ray player, Apple TV… whatever video platforms you prefer we can create a “video distribution” system tucked away in an out of sight equipment closet. The only thing visible will be the wall-mounted flat HDTV. No wires, no boxes, no clutter. You and your family can freely watch any source on any TV at any time. We can also send your security and door cameras through the system allowing you to check who is at the door or if the baby is sleeping soundly.

Music Everywhere

On-demand music that plays in any room in or outside your home. We bring the pleasure of music at the touch of a button on your in-wall touch panels, smartphones, or tablets — with the latest gear from the world’s best vendors. Today’s audio technology is designed to deliver sound that fits a range of environments and can be seamlessly blended into the walls in a nearly undetectable way. No clutter, no wires, no special furniture. Everyone can enjoy the music they want, in the room they want, when they want.


Make sure your most valuable asset is secure — and keep your family safe. We provide homes with state-of-the-art security systems. Whether you want a simple alarm for your home or a fully-integrated Life Safety, Access Control and Monitoring system, we have the expertise to help you choose the right system and install it to meet your needs. Smart locks tell you who enters, when, and for how long by sending status alerts to your smartphone. Closed circuit monitoring allows you to see who is at the front door, check the baby in the nursery, or watch your children play in the yard on any TV or mobile device. Peace of mind starts with knowing what you care about most is safe.


Nothing sets the mood like lighting — as long as it’s the right kind. Lighting is not a one-size-fits-all-for-all-occasions technology. Lighting for a romantic dinner with your significant other should not be the same lighting used when you’re cleaning the kitchen. Lighting control puts you in charge. A simple press of a button will adjust the lighting exactly the way you need it. Pre-programmed lighting settings for any room at any time of the day or night ensures you always have the right lighting at the right time.