Living an exceptional connected lifestyle requires exceptional technology integration throughout your home — from your TVs, lights, shades, central air, cameras, to your in-ceiling speakers — all working together seamlessly and powered by one connected system controller: the brain of your home. Then with one of the many interface options, such as a handheld remote, a wall keypad, or touchscreen, you can conveniently control your wired and wireless devices, giving you the ability to play music throughout the house, close the shades or garage door, adjust the thermostat and lighting, or perform many of these actions in unison.

One app controls the devices and technology throughout your home, creating a lifestyle of comfort, convenience, and efficiency as you go about your day — allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you.

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Convenience and peace of mind are abundant with the ability to open one app on your phone to check on your home at a quick glance. Control your system with a simple tap of a button from anywhere.

With Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you have the the ability to control a specific device, a few devices simultaneously, or your entire integrated smart home using just your voice.

Our technology solutions are scalable and allow you to start with your entire home, a few rooms, or just one room. Reach out to us to explore the possibilities for your project — whether it’s new construction, remodel, or retrofit — and we’ll help you determine the best solutions to meet your needs and enhance your lifestyle.


We develop custom entertainment solutions that provide simplicity and sophistication and suit all project sizes and requirements.


Cable TV, satellite, Blu-ray player, Apple TV — whatever media platforms you prefer — we can create a video distribution system tucked away in an out of sight equipment closet. The only thing visible will be your wall-mounted TV and gorgeous speakers. No wires, no boxes, no clutter. You and your family can freely watch any source on any TV at any time. We can also send your security and door cameras through the system allowing you to check who is at the door or if the baby is sleeping soundly.

Enjoy your music anywhere via distributed audio zones through in-ceiling, in-wall, and other speaker styles accessed through a keypad, touch screen, remote, or your smart phone.

Take your living room, family room, basement lounge, or game room to the next level with a cutting edge media setup. Technology is seamlessly woven into the space with a stunning high-end TV, custom-sized sound bar to suit the TV, and in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for an amazing surround sound experience. All of these things come together to make it the ultimate hangout and entertaining space.

In your dedicated home theater, relax and enjoy movies with impressive cinema quality. The placement of speakers, seating, lighting, screen, projector, and acoustic treatment are expertly designed in the space for an unforgettable viewing experience.


The lighting has a significant impact in the overall energy level and atmosphere in a space. Create the perfect ambiance with simple and effortless control of the lighting throughout your home. Adjust your lighting levels with a touchscreen, remote, your phone, voice control, or with the wall-mounted keypad buttons in the room. Set up scenes, schedules, and control your lighting remotely.


With lighting scenes, you can operate a group of lights with a single button press. Our signature lighting scene design — Bright, Relax, All Off — provides you with quick and clear control over the lighting throughout your home. Goodnight or Goodbye scenes can turn off the lights and devices you’d like off as well as turn on specific night lights or adjust any other devices to suit the scene.

Take full advantage of lighting control by utilizing it in conjunction with your security system. Programming specific lights to turn on when the door bell rings, or using motion sensors to turn lights on when someone arrives on your property will help you best protect your home.

The ability to control your lighting levels with precision allows you to significantly lower your energy usage which benefits the environment and provides you with cost savings.


Elevate your family’s environment and wellness by implementing state-of-the-art technology solutions for your home. Relax with soft and cozy lighting for a calm atmosphere in the evenings. Optimize your home’s climate throughout the day by automating and regulating heating and cooling. Program your stylish motorized window treatments to adjust to weather conditions for ultimate sun control.

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In addition to controlling the more standard security-related devices — such as electronic door locks, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors — smart security systems can also automate lights and motorized window treatments, and can even simulate occupancy to appear like you are home when you are away. Sensors can protect your home from environmental dangers as well, such as flooding, freezing, and power shortages. Intercom anywhere gives you the ability to communicate with arriving guests or check in with the kids via your home’s touchscreens. Endless possibilities and custom solutions give you peace of mind knowing your home is controlled and protected.


• Door stations with wide-angle video capture and two-way intercom
• Remote door lock and garage door control
• Intercom anywhere for door station or touchscreen communication

• Closed-circuit, high-definition cameras
• Live video feed and on-demand video history on mobile, web, touchscreens, and TVs

• Door, window, motion, and glass break sensors
• 24/7 alarm monitoring
• Custom notifications and alerts
• Remote system arm or disarm control
• Program lights to flash repeatedly if an alarm is triggered

Tie into your system to prevent damage to your home, such as turning off the main water line in the event of water sensed, or turning off the HVAC fan in the event of smoke.

The system continually learns and plays back the simulation while security is armed which simulates occupancy.


Window treatments are part of so many aspects of your home. From design to security to climate control — your shades, blinds, and drapes are an integral part of the home.

We offer the full line of Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes — motorized or manual — which allows you to choose from a wide array of beautiful, high quality, and diverse products that will absolutely transform your home and lifestyle.


• When you’re home or away, you can effortlessly adjust your window treatments via any user-interface, such as a touchscreen, remote, smartphone, or voice control.
• Create a schedule to work with your lifestyle and allow your window treatments to do the work for you.
• Program your system to detect a temperature rise with your thermostats. The system will then close your shades to keep heat out and turn off the lights so you can increase energy efficiency.

In addition to motorized operation, we offer a variety of other manual operating systems for supreme flexibility.

Complete system integration gives you ultimate control over the sun. Transform the light in your home by softening it or go for complete blackout, save energy by reducing solar heat gain, and protect your furnishings and artwork from UV rays.

We can achieve virtually any window treatment need. Any style, fabric, or color. Any size or shape of window, door, or skylight. Top-down/bottom-up, light-filtering or blackout — or both. We will partner with you or your designer to find the best solutions for your home.


In order to provide the most comprehensive support to our clients as possible, we’ve partnered with a national 24/7 tech support company founded and staffed by home technology professionals just like us.

A subscription to one of our support plans gives you the ability to email, chat, text, or call a tech support operator any time, any day for assistance with any system issues or questions. This service will also monitor the devices on your network and proactively address problems if a device falls offline — as well as run all software and firmware updates behind the scenes that are necessary to keep your system running smoothly.

Resolve issues quickly and minimize on-site service visits while keeping your system up to date and preventing any interruption in service with proactive monitoring. In the event our 24/7 support staff is unable to resolve your issue remotely, they’ll escalate it back to the local Home Theaters Etc. support team.

We’ll proactively monitor your technology system and troubleshoot potential issues before they arise. For example, if a wireless access point were to lock up, a notification would be generated that the device is offline. Our support staff would then log into your system and reset the Ethernet switch port that powers the wireless access point causing it to reboot.

Upon hearing from you, your system will be accessed remotely and oftentimes repaired without a service call. An example of this would be if Control4 devices were to show offline, the support tech would reboot the Control4 system to re-establish the connection. They will even help you troubleshoot issues related to your cable or Internet service provider so you don’t have to call those companies first.

When a system update is needed in order to service and maintain your system, we will log into the system and perform the update. System bugs are squashed and new features or improvements are included in every software update so keeping the system current is a must. For example, the upgrade to OS 3.0 would be covered as part of our support and maintenance plan.

In addition to 24/7 tech support and proactive system monitoring and updates, the support plans include remote advanced support during business hours from our local Home Theaters Etc. support team for anything that the 24/7 techs aren’t able resolve and a discount on any on-site service calls.


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All of the advanced technology in your smart home requires a strong, reliable, and secure network in order to provide you with the connectivity and protection you desire. We design a solid foundation to meet your technology needs for today as well as for what may come in the future. Wireless and wired solutions throughout your home will provide a continuous network for connectivity of your control system, TVs, music, security system, and mobile devices.

We work with our clients to create customized solutions for their specific needs. Homes are safer and more accessible with easy to use and fully integrated devices and equipment that assist with communication and mobility. This technology allows you or your loved ones to remain independent as well as broaden your capabilities.

Elevate your outdoor living spaces with integrated lighting, entertainment, and security solutions. Directional and fully calibrated landscape speakers and underground subwoofers will provide evenly distributed sound levels throughout the entire space. Outdoor TVs with anti-glare screens are designed to resist rain and withstand heat with internal cooling systems. Lighting solutions are expertly crafted to provide the perfect ambiance as well as security and peace of mind throughout your property.

Future-proof your home by wiring it correctly from the start with a professionally designed plan for your low-voltage system. We will work with you and your contractor to design a system best suited for your new construction or existing home. We will document your design so you know exactly where all of your home’s wiring exists for the finish stage or later on when you expand your system.


Custom home technology solutions start with expert advice.

If you’re in Omaha, Papillion, Gretna, Fremont, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, or the surrounding Nebraska and Iowa area, contact us today.